What are the Top 5 Crazy Features Exist on Luxury Car?

Over time modern automobiles have seen consistent evolution. The simple wagons of the past have considerably evolved into the top-end autos we drive today. The latest cars have back-view cameras, thermally adjustable seats, air conditioners, auto-windows and more. Moreover, the interior of automobiles is also changing, so is the design. You must reach out to luxury car rental in Dubai to enjoy the features of new premium vehicles. Each year the world views the arrival of the latest technologies. Most of the time these technologies are unknown before their introduction.


Plenty of these features are helpful and keep the roads safe. An example of one such attribute is the blind-spot detector. Moreover, others appear to be straight from science fiction films. The modern, luxury cars are known for the comfortable driving experience. They have a power steering for better control. The car manufacturing companies consider adding quality attributes to premium cars. For example they come with a user-friendly infotainment system that can amuse the drivers when they are travelling. The top-end autos are also equipped with sensors to detect any obstacles. So here are six crazy aspects that top-end luxury vehicles showcase.


  1. Proximity Sensor Key Mechanism


One of the most extraordinary and latest features included in top-end premium cars is the proximity sensor key. A proximity key allows opening the doors of an auto very conveniently. You can do this without even inserting the key in the lock. It is very convenient to push the button and open the car. With this automatic key, you can start your car without inserting the key for the ignition.


A proximity key is a key unit with an antenna inside it. When the key unit is at a specific distance from the vehicle, the proximity sensor technology creates a connection with the auto. Afterwards, the driver can open the doors of an automobile by touching one of its sides.


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  1. High-tech Cruise Control


The next best feature in the luxury automobile is the high-tech cruise control. This facility, only available in top-end autos like Tesla’s, utilizes conventional cruise control with a difference. A collection of cameras attached to the vehicle consistently search for hazards and automatically identify road signs. Afterwards, the car can adjust speed according to the restrictions.


Rent a luxury car in Dubai for interacting with cruise-control features. So you can discover premium luxury.


For instance, by starting the cruise control while driving a car on the highway, the auto can automatically reduce speed when it detects cars slowing down in front of you. Similarly, when driving on metropolis roads, the cruise control system can identify speed limits and risks coming ahead.


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  1. Starlight Patterns


After high-tech cruise control, we will discuss the feature called Starlight Pattern. Plenty of premium autos come with a skylight. Or they may have a sunroof that allows the travelers to either view the sky at night or provides room for sunlight. Moreover, you can open it for the breeze of fresh air.


However, if you are ultra-rich and like to view the stars without opening the sunroof, you can benefit from the Starlight Pattern feature. The Starlight Pattern is a luxury attribute in the Rolls-Royce Wraith. It works with the help of fibre-optic wires attached to the roof of the auto. They are connected in a specific pattern to show a collection of stars.

Rent a luxury car in Dubai for travelling in a premium car with Starlight Headliner.


  1. Perfume Emitter


The feature that is up next is the perfume emitter installed in BMW 7 series. A usual driver will commonly visit the closest shopping store to purchase an auto-perfume for keeping their car aroma pleasant. However, in the BMW 7 series, there is no such requirement. In the glove space of the seven series is a little notch for connecting perfume cartridges.


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  1. Gentleman Feature


There is one more feature found in luxury cars that makes them comfortable. It may appear something straight from the Bond film. However, it is a unique feature that provides simple functionality. This attribute lets the driver configure the alignment of seats to make them comfortable.


Thinking of driving a car with gentleman features. Call the customer support team of the luxury car rental. Request them to tell you about the autos that have this attribute.


  1. Auto-security Technology


One of the helpful technologies in premium cars is the anti-theft system. Besides, this feature is not in control by auto owners. Plenty of Rolls-Royce vehicle variants come with this state-of-the-art anti-theft technology. This attribute is different from features provided in traditional automobiles like Ford or Range Rover. Premium vehicles like Rolls-Royce come with decorations on the exterior hood. These ornaments are always a target of passers-by and thieves.


The stealing of these decorations is becoming common. So Rolls-Royce is now installing anti-theft technology in their cars. It is distinctively developed to prevent the theft of ornaments. When the ornament detects pressure, it recedes inside the hood within a microsecond.


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