What Gifts Items You Can Present To Antique Lovers

Antique lovers have familiarity with their needs and style. As per their need and style, they have almost everything in terms of decoration and collection. And they know their likes & dislikes and loves & hates well. So, they usually don’t need help from anyone when it comes to collecting old items or using old things to decorate their home. However, you think of presenting a unique gift to an antique lover when a special day of his/her life is around the corner. Here are some suggestions for you: 

Antique Wine Accessories 

If an antique lover in your life likes to have occasional drinks and want to use old items such as wine glasses for his/her occasional drinks, presenting a set of antique wine accessories will be a great idea for you. Whether it is a special occasion is a birthday or a wedding anniversary, you can consider producing a set of antique wine accessories as a gift to him/her. In the set, you can include:

  • Antique/vintage wine bottles
  • Bottle openers/corkscrews
  • Glass wine decanters
  • Wine glasses
  • Wine case
  • Wine pitchers
  • Wine bottle coasters
  • Wine stoppers
  • Wine bottle labels (silver)

Old Design Clock 

Since the 17th or 18th century, clocks have been used as a decorative product in addition to a time displaying machine. Opt for presenting an old clock, especially vintage wall clocks if you come to know an antique lover of your life loves hanging the time machines of the past in their home or small museum.  

Traditional Home Decorative Items 

Presenting conventional home decor products will be an excellent idea for you when you notice the antique lover likes decorating his/her home with old things. For this, you will have numerous choices from paintings to old design wooden hangings. Suppose that you think of presenting a painting to the antique lover in your life. Consider selecting the best one from Madhubani Art or Rajasthani Paintings. 

Miller’s Antique Handbook & Price Guide

It is a great reference book for antique lovers. Edited by Judith Miller, it has included more than 8000 things of the past. Apart from the brief introduction on each item, this reference book consists of the latest trends, prices, and an ind-pth knowledge on specific distinguished products. The person whom you will present it as a gift will find suitable for his/her collection of the past items.  

Dip Ink Pens 

In the last 15th and 16th century, people used quills to write. In the contemporary world, many people still love using dip ink pens to write with. It doesn’t matter what they are writing about, but it’s their feeling they experience using pens for their writing. You can come across both quills and dip nib pens when you start looking for old nib pens as a present.

Old Edition Books 

A book, especially a good one, on any subject is valuable for bookworms. Antique lovers feel excitement and pride when they state to their close one that they have the first edition of a particular book. You can think of presenting the first edition of books on the topics/subjects the antique lover in your life interested in. He/she will be thankful to you for such a valuable present on his/her special day.

American Pickers Guide to Picking 

Has your close one missed the opportunity to watch American Pickers on the History channel, even if they love the things of the past? You can consider buying American Pickers Guide to Picking and presenting it as a gift on their special day. This book will guide them on what items they should collect and what prices they should pay for the same.

Antique Stationery Items 

Some antique lovers are fond of stationery items with old designs. If such a person is in your life, consider purchasing and presenting old stationery items to him/her on his/her birthday, wedding anniversary, and allied occasions. In this section, you can think of buying pen & pencil sets, paperweights, inkwells, desk sets, leather-bound books, and letter openers.

Tea/Coffee Accessories 

Usually, most of us start our day with a cup of tea or coffee. Further, we feel the pride to serve guests with a cup of tea/coffee. In the case of antique lovers, they want to expose their antique sets of tea/coffee accessories. Opt for shopping for a few sets of tea/coffee accessories that could include:

  • Tea pots
  • Tea strainers
  • Tea spoons
  • Tea bag rests
  • Tea cups
  • Coffee mugs & cups
  • Plungers 
  • Stove tops 
  • Drips

Antique Jewellery 

If an antique lover in your life likes having a collection of old design jewellery pieces, move ahead in buying and presenting antique jewellery pieces to her. In your selection and shopping, you can go with the earrings, pendants, necklace, and bracelets of the Victorian Era or middle ages. Keep the choice and taste in mind during your selection and purchasing process of antique jewellery pieces for an antique lover in your life. 


Presenting a gift to an antique lover is a tough job, as you have numerous options when you start looking for the things of the past. To make your gift worthful for him/her, keep what the antique lover has and what he/she doesn’t have. You will touch his/her heart by presenting a unique gift to him/her.    

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