What is Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program

Prenatal yoga teacher training is for people who want to become prenatal yoga teachers. Prenatal yoga is a form of yoga that has been modified for the women who are about to give birth or the ones that are pregnant. The purpose of this yoga is to start preparing that woman for childbirth so that when the time comes she is healthy and she is able to deliver the baby safely without any complications.

Most women these days live a life that does not involve a lot of exercise or yoga, that is why their childbirth process becomes extremely painful and hard for them. The purpose of prenatal yoga is to help the women become more active so that her body can evolve quickly and prepare itself for birth. It is not just for the first-time mommies but also for the second third or fourth-timers as well. The professionals who get prenatal yoga teacher training become prenatal yoga teachers and assist these females to safely do yoga. Here are some of the benefits of prenatal yoga teacher training.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Benefits:

Here are some of the benefits of prenatal yoga teacher training.

  • Prenatal yoga prepares a woman for birth.
  • People with prenatal yoga teacher training are better able to teach others.
  • You can get a certification at the end of your training that will allow you to teach prenatal yoga to others worldwide.
  • After the training completes, you can set up your yoga business as well.
  • You can join other international associations and yoga alliances to get more trust and benefits.
  • Prenatal yoga teacher training helps you learn more about the process of pregnancy, and birth.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certification:

Prenatal yoga teacher training programs also offer certifications after the course completes. Every member who participated in the course gets a certificate that serves as a guarantee that you are a trained teacher of prenatal yoga. This certification depends on the course that you opted for. For example, if you have opted for a 20 hours prenatal yoga teacher training, you will get a certificate of 20 hours of yoga teacher training. But if you have attended the 50 hours or longer course of prenatal yoga teacher training, you will get a certificate for that. The timing of the course impacts your ability to learn and that is why these certificates considered having different impacts.

For example, some organizations and yoga alliances allow the people who have only 20 hours of prenatal yoga teacher training to become a member. While some alliances have different rules and they only accept the membership if you have a 50 hours or 100 hours yoga course. Some alliances also require the completion of 200 hours of yoga teacher training before the attendance of 20 or 50 hours of yoga course. You should look for the guidelines related to this about the alliances that you want to join. Despite all that, a certification is a guarantee that you are a trained teacher and can teach yoga to others.

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Online Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Courses:

These days, everything has shifted from offline to online. So, does the prenatal yoga teacher training program. Most of the ashrams and big yoga schools have shifted their offline classes to online after the pandemic hit the world. There are a lot of benefits of online courses of prenatal yoga teacher training. It can help you set up your online yoga teaching business and you can get a certificate in yoga teacher training while sitting in your home.

How Arhanta Yoga Ashram can help you become a certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher?

Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the best places to start learning yoga especially the prenatal yoga teacher training. This is because teachers here are the experts who can teach you not only the basic but also the advanced prenatal yoga teacher training. They can make you an expert yoga teacher within the shortest span. Also, the Arhanta Yoga Ashram is offering all online classes that mean you would not have to travel from one place to another to learn about prenatal yoga teacher training.


Prenatal yoga teacher training is one of the most important teachers training programs. It is important because there is a huge demand for prenatal yoga teachers all over the world. Not only this demand makes this type of yoga more suitable for the people who want to become a professional yoga teacher but also allows them to learn about the prenatal process as well. Prenatal yoga courses aim at teaching the teachers about different types of yoga practices that a woman can do when she is pregnant. In the end, we learned about the Arhanta Yoga Ashram as the best place to start your learning process.

Requirements for Yoga Teacher Training: How Much Yoga Experience Do You Need to Become a Yoga Teacher? 

For a person who wants to be a yoga teacher, it is very important to know how much work is required for this. How much experience, knowledge, certifications are required? In the article below, this question has been answered. But before going to the answer to that question, it is important what yoga is. To the west, yoga is only a few poses and mantras of different types, but this is not the only thing that yoga has to offer. Yoga is more focused on spirituality than it is focused on the physical aspects/asana. And for every teacher, it is important to know all the basic spiritual lessons about yoga. 

Required Yoga Experience:

Teaching yoga is very different from learning or practicing yoga, a teacher is not practicing himself or herself. But he is focusing on what the students are doing and what he is teaching them to do. Although no threshold experience is required for anyone to start teaching yoga. But it is an important thing that you at least know about the psychology or theory behind yoga, and you also know the spiritual aspects of yoga apart from the physical ones.


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