What is the difference between a vacuum cleaner and an ashtray?

What is the difference between a vacuum cleaner and an ashtray?

Vacuum cleaner and ash vacuum cleaner are two apparently similar tools, so it can be easy to get confused and not know exactly how to use them in the right way. In reality, these are articles with different characteristics and applications, which it is good to know in order not to risk making the wrong purchases and not to use these products in the wrong way. Let’s find out what the difference is between a vacuum cleaner and an ash vacuum!

Vacuum cleaner and ash vacuum cleaner: what are the differences?

Anyone who owns a fireplace, a stove or a barbecue knows well that the ash that accumulates following combustion must be eliminated regularly. To remove it more quickly, you might think about using your home vacuum cleaner, but is it really the right choice? Or maybe it is necessary to move towards a specific solution? Let’s try to answer this question, seeing when to use the vacuum cleaner and when, instead, it is better to have an ash vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner: can you use it to Remove Ash?

The vacuum cleaner is now an indispensable tool for household chores. There are different types for home care: in addition to the “traditional” models or the “tow” or “trolley” vacuum cleaners, which have a machine body separated from the brush for cleaning, on the market it is also possible to find articles as different as the electric brooms, which have the advantage of being particularly practical and easy to handle; and the vacuum cleaner bins, real “eaters” of dirt, perfect to satisfy every need.
Beyond the peculiarities that characterize each individual model, and which we talked about better in the article on the difference between vacuum cleaner, electric broom and vacuum cleaner bin, these tools are designed to remove dust and dirt that accumulate on floors and other surfaces. , for example rugs, sofas and textiles.

And what about the Ash?

Can we also vacuum this with our vacuum cleaner? The answer is no, it is not possible to use the vacuum cleaner to remove the ash, but it is essential to use a different solution: although a normal vacuum cleaner is equipped with filtering systems, necessary to retain the dust from the sucked air before expelling it, the filters are not able to stop the finest dusts such as those that make up the ash. These, therefore, would risk coming out, not to mention that you could damage the vacuum cleaner itself!

Ash Vacuum cleaner: How It works and why you can’t do without it:

And this is where the ash vacuum comes in, a real ace in the hole if you have a stove or a fireplace, or if you love grilling outdoors in the summer and you need a tool to quickly clean the barbecue. The main difference between vacuum cleaner and ash vacuum cleaner (even the name itself says it!) Is that the latter is specifically designed to remove the fine dust that is created in these spaces, without lifting them into the air or clogging the filters inside, designed , in turn, for this very purpose. But how exactly does this product work?

The ash vacuum cleaner is very easy to use, as it works similar to that of the vacuum cleaner. There are several models on the market. Most of them, like those of AR Blue Clean, are designed to vacuum cold ashes: in this case, the ash temperature must not exceed 40 degrees. It is good to know, however, that there are also ash vacuum cleaners for hot ashes.

The available solutions also differ in other respects. AR Blue Clean, for example, offers both electric ash vacuums such as AR Blue Clean E15, which must therefore be connected to the mains to work, and battery-powered models such as the practical AR Blue Clean E12B, perfect if you have to work outdoors, where it is not possible. connect to the mains. Both are also equipped with a blower function, a steel drum and an easily washable high-efficiency filter.

Can the Vacuum Cleaner be used to Remove the Ash?

In part we have already answered this question, but we want to return to the subject because the appearance of a vacuum cleaner can be misleading. As a matter of fact, ash vacuum cleaner and multi-purpose vacuum cleaner can have similar appearances, and the term “multi-purpose” can be misleading in this case.

First of all, let’s not forget that the vacuum cleaner is a true cleaning wizard. Unlike a normal vacuum cleaner, in fact, it can easily remove the coarsest dirt such as soil, pebbles, fragments of broken pots, etc., a function that makes it suitable for intervening even in “extraordinary” situations. Furthermore, the AR Blue Clean vacuum cleaners can vacuum liquids without problems.

And the Ash?

Despite being true phenomena of cleaning, a normal multipurpose bin is not suitable for ash and the reason is the same as we have explained for traditional vacuum cleaners.
There is a model, however, capable of combining both functions: AR Blue Clean M20. This is the ideal solution if you are looking for a multipurpose product, capable not only of eliminating dust, liquids and coarse dirt, but also of sucking ash from fireplaces, stoves and barbecues. M20, unlike the other AR Blue Clean multipurpose bins, has in fact been specifically designed to also act on fine ash dust, in order to incorporate multiple applications in a single proposal.

Now that you know the difference between vacuum cleaner and ash vacuum cleaner, why don’t you find out where to throw ash and how to clean your fireplace?

Despite being true phenomena of cleaning, a normal multipurpose bin is not suitable for ash and the reason is the same as we have explained for traditional vacuum cleaners


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