Why Do You Need to Use Travertine Tiles? – Light Travertine Tile

Light travertine tile is one of the most popular tiles used in the US because of its affordability and durability. This is because light travertine is made from natural limestone and not manufactured synthetic materials.

It is also called the “perfect tile” because it’s extremely soft underfoot, has many aesthetic uses, and is cost-effective. The cost of installing light travertine tile may be cheaper than installing ceramic tile or any other tile.

Light travertine tile comes in a variety of rich earth tones. These natural colours blend into any surrounding well without marring the appearance of the tiled area. This means light travertine tile can blend well with almost all styles of tiling. This type of tile is an excellent choice if you want a natural look for your home.

Colors of travertine tiles:

Travertine comes in several colors, but one of its most well-known and attractive characteristics is the colourless, milky appearance that is achieved with the application of a light-coloured sealer over the top. The manufacturer seals the tiles, then sent to the installer for installation by a professional specializing in stone tiles.

This sealer not only protects the tiles against stains and harm, but it also helps them to age beautifully. For this reason, light travertine tile is used in bathrooms, kitchen floors, and patios and in other areas that are frequently exposed to water, such as basements and showers.

In addition, light travertine tiles come in ivory, beige, cream, chocolate, and light grey. The ivory has a unique, earthy tone that some find quite attractive. The ivory has the feel of an antique finish and can be custom-finished to have a slightly different texture. It is available with or without a glaze.

travertine tiles

Easy to care:

One of the benefits of travertine, other than its attractive appearance, is that it’s very easy to care for. Like all tiles, they need to be washed periodically and pressure-washed with a fine-grit cloth to remove dust and dirt particles.

To restore their shine, homeowners can also use acrylic sealants and polish. However, the natural stones should be sealed periodically with a topical sealer, especially if they’re used heavily or in areas where water might be a problem. The key to protecting your tiles is to seal them on the inside as well as the outside.

Transparent texture

One of the most noticeable characteristics is the nearly transparent texture which gives light travertine tiles their characteristic look. What makes them so delightful is that the surface only appears when the tiles are newly installed. Therefore, it’s possible to get a high-quality product while spending a minimum amount of money.

Sizes and patterns:

You can count on light travertine tiles because they are very easy to install and come in several different designs, including classic and contemporary looks. There is no shortage of options in terms of size, colors, patterns, and designs. This means that when you install light travertine tile, you can choose a design that perfectly matches your home.

They will also fit into a wider range of budgets, allowing homeowners to spend less money on them. For example, while some light travertine tiles may cost around $300 per tiled square, you can easily get them for half the price at one of the online retailers. In addition, the honed versions of the tiles will cost you just a bit more than the natural stone variety.

light beige and natural limestone travertine

You’ll find a few differences between light beige and natural limestone travertine in terms of their appearance. With light beige tile, you’ll also see some variation in color from near white to almost black. When comparing light beige with natural limestone travertine, the biggest difference you’ll notice is that the former is smoother.

However, both have great strength and durability, and it’s all up to you to decide which one you prefer. The choice is entirely yours. Just be sure that you get exactly what you’re paying for when you’re shopping for a quality tile.

Composition of travertine tiles:

Travertine tile is composed of a combination of fine clay and calcite slabs formed into naturally resistant material. When mixed with water, the clays release moisture and swell into masses that give this type of tile characteristic shine. A light travertine wall or floor is a tough, low-maintenance surface that is also highly suited for many years. Light travertine can also be cut to different shapes with virtually any tile-shaft blade.

Some of the lightest tiles contain up to nine percent quartz. The natural stones have various earth tones that range from creamy-white to beige to light browns. In addition, there are several colors of pink, gold, green, blue, purple, white, and yellow to choose from. Each color has its distinct beauty, but the favourite is usually a rich brown.

Composition of travertine tiles:

Type of travertine tiles:

Honed light travertine tile: It is created by grinding a natural stone and adding tumbled aluminum oxide. The resulting product is very durable and hard enough to resist impact, wear and tear, and staining. This type is slightly less shiny than the natural stone but more reflective. Because of the variations in the honed color, this type may also be referred to as shabby chic or country chic.

Beige light beige tiles: These are similar to cream or ivory tiles in their texture and appearance. They are slightly less shiny than the light travertine tile, and some are referred to as “honeycomb” tiles because of their honeycomb pattern. They do not have the same sheen as their larger cousins, but they will last longer and retain a beautiful lustre.

Travertine white tiles: It is made by using crushed shells gathered at the beach or quarries. The result is an extremely light version of the natural stone, and the grains can be seen. This light version can outlast the natural version. White light travertine tile has a high shine when new but will fade over time.They are primarily used on floors.

There are other types of light travertine tile, including blue, black, and pink. Each variation has its unique look, and it can add artistic flair to a room. Since these tiles are made with different-sized stones, it is important to measure the area to determine the right size.

For larger areas, such as a patio or an outdoor space, the right size must be chosen to look too large or crowded. In addition, because travertines are formed by grinding natural rocks into smaller and larger pieces, the size of the pieces and the room’s overall size will be different from what would be expected.


As you can see, light travertine tile is an ideal choice for many different rooms in your home. It is a cost-effective choice that will last for years to come. You will be able to find a large variety of different styles to match any personality or lifestyle.

Many people even choose to add other types of natural stone to the light travertine to make it even more unique. They will usually include other materials such as marble, limestone, and even granite. This will make the area extremely beautiful, and you will have created something truly unique.

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