Why You Should Use iOS Spotlight Instead of the Calculator App?

Over the years, mathematics has earned itself a bad reputation of being the most feared subject by the students.’ However, with the Internet at your disposal today, you cannot really complain about mathematical issues anymore.

With sophisticated calculators like algebra solvers, graphs, statistics calculators, etc., you can simplify, expand equations and carry out various operations. And then, you have iOS Spotlight, which acts as your instant math problem solver. In this blog, you will get to know about math solving using the iOS Spotlight.

Easy Access

Although Spotlight can search for anything, we will focus only on its ability to cater to each of your mathematical requirements. It works a bit differently on your iOS devices than on your Mac. If you wish to launch Spotlight on the iOS device, you have to swipe down on its screen. Just remember not to swipe from the top of the screen, which displays the Notification Center.

As you start typing, the iOS device will start displaying the results. The results will keep changing as you continue typing, and the Spotlight zeroes in on what you are looking for. Now all you have to do is type in the math problem. In fact, you won’t believe how fast it is compared to the regular Calculator app.

Now all you have to do is type in ‘6*28’, or ‘52/5+65-87*5’. You should try and explore more challenging calculations like ‘8(8*8) +8-(8*8). However, if you are feeling lazy, you can use Siri. But there is a problem using Siri. If the virtual assistant hears your query properly, you will get accurate results. And in case it doesn’t, you will get the wrong results.

Alternative Method

iOS Spotlight can be used to calculate far more intricate numerical and is definitely more valuable than Apple’s included calculator. If you are not accustomed to using the application on the Mac device, you can access it easily by pressing the Command-Space to invoke Spotlight. Following this, you can type in the required expression and equation and perform various operations on it.

For example, you type in ‘56*89-(69/8)’, and get the result. Then, you can hit Enter to get redirected to the calculator. Or, you might press Command-C on the highlighted result and copy it to the clipboard.

As mentioned earlier, you can carry out operations on trigonometric functions as well. These include sin, cos, tan, and their inverses. You can calculate roots, round-off results, and much more. In the following sections, we will take a look at the various operators, built-in functions, etc.

Basic Operators, You Get to See

When you use Spotlight’s calculator, you get to use basic operators like ‘+, -, *, /’ symbols for performing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, respectively. In addition to this, you can also take advantage of the following operators.

%- This is the modulus symbol, which will issue you the remainder in the division, rather than the full ratio.

!- With this operator, you can carry out the factorial

^- It is used to calculate the exponent, which, when used between two numbers, raises one to the power of the other.

Trigonometric Functions

Here is a list of the trigonometric functions which you can use other than sin(), cos(), tan() functions.

asin()- Standard arcsine

acos()- Standard arccosine

atan()- Standard arctangent

sinh()- Hyperbolic sine

cosh()- Hyperbolic cosine

tanh()- Hyperbolic tangent

asinh()- Hyperbolic arcsine

acosh()- Hyperbolic cosine

atanh()- Hyperbolic tangent

With these operators, you can perform more complicated operations. But you have to carry out the trigonometric functions in classic Radian mode. Hence, you have to first transform the degree measurements to radians, i.e., you must multiply by pi/180.

Built-in Constants

You can use a couple of standard numerical constants using Spotlight.

pi- It represents the complete distance of half of the unit circle (3.1415….)

e- The Euler’s number is used for natural logarithms and exponents

If you are unable to understand the interface and you have an important assignment to submit, then you should hire professional experts. Make sure that the math problem solvers are highly qualified and experienced. Before you hire them, check for the sample papers solved by them.

Logarithmic and Exponential Functions You Can Use

You can use the exponent operator ‘^’ to calculate the exponential functions.

E- This function enables you to write ‘*10^number’, for instance, (10E4 for 10*10^4)

exp()- The natural exponent is equivalent of raising to the power of “e” (e^num)

log()- This function takes the base 10 logarithm of the given number

ln()- This function considers the natural logarithm of the number

If you want to operate logarithms of other bases besides e and 10, you can rely on the basic math conversion. You can divide the base10 logarithm by the base10 log of the new base. For example, if you wish to get log2 of the number ‘x,’ you can use the Spotlight in the following manner (log (x)/ log (2)).

Truncate, Round off, and Perform Other Operations

You can use the following functions to conduct a number of operations.

ceil()- You get the closest integer by rounding up

rint()- You get the closest integer by standard rounding

floor()- You get the closest integer by rounding down

fabs()- You acquire the absolute value of a number

Get Cube and Square Roots

You can get the cube and square roots by taking advantage of the fractional exponents

sqrt()- You get the standard square root of the given number

cbrt()- You get the cube root of the given number

Finally, you have

Alternatives for MR, M+, M- Options

If you wish to store values, you can do it with Spotlight by pressing the Command-C. You can copy the results of a calculation to the clipboard. Henceforth, you can create new equations by pasting the results back into the expressions/equations.

As you can see, you can solve an ample number of equations and perform various functions, courtesy of the iOS Spotlight. And you get the results faster than the Calculator App. So, you don’t really need to open the Calculator App. Hence, start using the iOS Spotlight today.

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