Write Strong Starting and Concluding Paragraphs

Essay writing is an important part of any academic journey. This is why it’s crucial for students to learn how to write a good essay. The benefit behind it is that it can help students get exponentially good grades. 

There are several types of essays but the starting and the computing paragraphs are vital in each type. Also, there are essay writing services that can help you more. Here’s a detailed guide on writing strong initial and concluding paragraphs.

The Significance of Introduction & Conclusion in Essay Writing

Are you still wondering what makes the introduction and conclusion such important features in an essay? If you choose any literary piece and decide to eliminate the introduction and the conclusion.

you will find it to be quite an unsatisfactory read. Most professionals and experts know that the appeal lessens in such cases and the overall outlook lacks a constructive structure. The introduction and conclusion are what make the essay complete. They give a definite structure and meaning to the essay. 

Initial Paragraph in Essay Writing

The introduction paragraph is the paragraph that appears at the beginning of an essay. It is exceptionally important for a student because it is the determining factor for a reader to continue reading. If the essay does not have an interesting introduction, the reader might lose interest and stop reading at all. Once the reader loses attention, it is difficult to get it back.


The purpose of an introduction paragraph is quite obvious. It is there to build the basic foundation for the rest of the essay. Some even happen to call it a thesis. 

The introduction paragraph is where the theme is introduced to the reader in words that can generate curiosity. While writing an essay, most essay writing services incorporate strict facts, anecdotes, and even statistics to put a strong impression. 


The structure of the introduction paragraph matters a lot. Firstly, the beginning should always be crisp and to the point. That is the first sign of a good starting paragraph and it should not have multiple paragraphs. 

What you need or a couple of sentences put together in an interesting manner. You need to state the premise first and then proceed to lay the intention of the essay in front of the reader. Finally, focus on transitioning the essay to connect to the arguments that you put in the content. 

How to build an interesting starting paragraph?

Of course, there is no shortcut to building a very interesting introductory paragraph. But, there are certain tips that you can work on. First, you need precise data, anecdotes, our opinions so that your demise can be substantiated in a more credible way. Second, the tone of your introduction paragraph should be maintained throughout the essay. 

Third, the premise of your essay and the objectives you have placed in the content must be interrelated. They should not sound abstract. These are the few good points that you can focus on while writing your introduction paragraph. 

Conclusion Paragraph

Unlike the introduction paragraph, the conclusion paragraph is to sum up the essay in the best manner possible. Professionals, in general, summarise whatever they write in the essay by reinstating what they claimed originally. There must be clarity provided in your essay so that the essay can provide a satisfactory ending. Without a good conclusion paragraph, the written work will be incomplete. 


The purpose of a closing paragraph is to tie the strings in the end and provide a satisfactory meaning to it. There are different courses that will be discussed in an essay. All of these points can be put together in a concluding paragraph to give the readers an overall review of what you have to say. 

You can also let your conclusion paragraph become a way for the reader to ponder over the discussion. The concluding paragraph leaves a lot of space in the room to reflect upon the opinions of the reader.


Much like the introduction paragraph, the concluding paragraph has a structure too. First, the thesis of the essay should be mentioned. This is to highlight that you start for me with your premise and the arguments you made. 

Second, you need to summarise all the points you’ve mentioned in the essay. Finally, you should mention or call to action so that the reader gets something to ponder upon. 

How to build an interesting concluding paragraph?

There is no secret ingredient when it comes to building a strong concluding paragraph. What paper writing services do is capture the essence of the essay such that the reader ends up feeling satisfied with the read. 

They may be a few points that can help you understand what we mean. One, connect the dots as much as possible so that you claim your thesis strongly. Do not paraphrase what you have written in your essay before. 

Instead, work it with new words. Two, bring together everything mentioned in a precise and crisp manner. Three, leave references and inferences so that there’s some room for reflections. 

Summing Up

Now you know how important starting and concluding paragraphs can be in an essay. They are what you make all the foundation of the essay. You can also check out different paper writing services on the internet. 

So, why don’t you try writing an essay now and see for yourself how well you can present your introduction and concluding paragraphs. 

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