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Himachal Pradesh has plenty to offer in terms of the tranquil scenery of distinct mountains and valleys. A hike through the scenic hill resorts and magical woods is the perfect way to encounter the crudest beauty. You give all the power to nature instead of enormous glass towers when you say goodbyes to all luxury. Himachal offers a place for trekking enthusiasts, in addition to its vast flower and fauna, wildlife reserves, adventure activities, and many other attractions. The best treks in Himachal worth breaking a sweat are introduced to you. Enjoy nature on the scenic Himachal Pradesh trekking trails.


Triund trek


Triund is Dharamsala’s crowning stone. Triund trek is still one of the most beautiful and newbies-orientated treks in Himachal Pradesh. In just 5-6 hours you can easily take the short 9 km long walk which starts from Dharamkot. The trek provides wonderful views with the magnificent ranges of the Dhauladhar on the one side and the lovely valley of the Kangra on the other. You through go to the Indrahar Pass, which is 17 km ahead of Triund if you’re one of those adventure junkies who want to take their journey one step up. The trekking situation is changing dramatically. The walk will be hard but at the same time incredibly beautiful.


Hampta Pass trek


The path that starts on the Rambagh circle in Manali will complete you throughout your journey with lush green wilderness, snow-covered mountains in the background, and the diversity of flora and fauna. The snow tapestry that covers the magnificent beauty of the Himalayas makes the scenery to the eyes even more appealing. The 26 km hike, easy to cover in six days. Chhatru, which offers the spectacular junction between Hampta Pass, Spiti valley, and Rohtang pass, is the endpoint of the Hampta Pass trek.


Bhrigu Lake trek


Bhrigu Lake Trek’s landscape starts from Manali base camp. This trek will send you various landscapes from Kullu valley and the Solang valley as well as from the Rohtang Pass in the upper Kull Valley and east of the Rohtang Pass. Another joy of this hike is that of the large green fields and mountains filled with snow from the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges. In the next four days, this trek will take you 45 kilometers and you will not be very good in the event of the weather. The walk ends at the picturesque Bhrigu Alpine lake and gives a surreal view of the whole snow carpet.


Tosh Valley trek


From Barsheni starts the tour to Tosh Valley. This 5-km trek will require you to climb uphill, looking for river scenery, waterfalls, green valleys, and snow-covered mountains in the background, thanks to the toughening and rugged paths. With the stunning scenery around you paying for the power you had put on the way to the Tosh Valley Trek, the short 45 minutes are enough. From March to May, the best season to visit.


Chandrakhani Pass trek


On the way to Chandrakhani Pass, you can see a beautiful view of the Pir Panjal Range from the Kullu valley, the dense foliage of pine and fir, and Himachal culture all around. In 4-5 days, the 22 km trek is possible. Chandrakant pass is the finishing point for this journey. With the sight of snow-covered mountains and a large pasture with a green carpet, the trek will captivate you into its world of isolation.


It is May-July that is the best time to go on this hike; November-March will be the best moment for those who want to walk on a snow tap.


Pin Parvati trek


If you ever thought of walking as a pastry hike, the Pin Parvati walk is going to show that your nerves are wrong. This trek will ask for your courage, the battle with the mood, sturdy mountains, and the tested ascension on the freezing terrain. The 100 km walk from the tranquil Kullu valley requires 10-11 days to be spent in the Himalayan regions. The trek can be challenging but the beauty of the world that accompanies you all will make the trip worth all the discomfort. July to September is the best time for this journey.


Trek to the moon lake- Chandra Tal


If the stars and beauty of nature are still fantasized under the light of the moon, this trek is built to suit you. The trek starts in the base camp Batal, 114 kilometers from Manali. You can take a taxi to the base camp that is 5-6 hours long. The 5-km long short walk can take 6-7 hours. The walk will show you Hampta Pass, Lahaul and Spiti’s barren land, and finally, Chandra Tal, which looks best with full moonlight.


Sar Pass trek


If on a single trail you wish to experience the complete beauty of Himachal Pradesh, then Sar Pass is your mystical tour. Every soul can enjoy this trek somehow through its lovely sceneries which change its phase every couple of kilometers. The trek from Himachal-Kasol, Israel, will keep you shocked by its moody landscapes. Of the pine and Deodar trees overlooking the Kasol Valley and the stony climb, you can pitch your tents at the soothing meadows and the snow-covered Sar Pass. In 4-5 days, you will be amazed by the scenery of Himachal Pradesh, which can be completed in 48 kilometers.


Kheer Ganga Trek


Kasol is one place to escape from the busy life of towns in Himachal Pradesh. The scenery of the fierce kheer Ganga, the green Parvati valley, the lovely breeze that brushes your cheek, and the calm in the atmosphere that the metropolises lack. Kheer Ganga trek is rounded up in the list of Himachal’s most simple and peaceful trek. This 12 km walk from the Barsheni has many virgin mountain beauty to bring. In 5-6 hours, the trek can be windy. Kheer Ganga, which welcomes you with a warm water spring, is the highest point of the trek.


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