Your Guide to Kareo EMR software (updated 2021)

About Kareo EMR software

Kareo is a medical software development company founded in 2004 in Irvine, California, in the United States. Kareo EMR prides itself on the creation of software that carries out electronic medical record-keeping services. In 2019, it even amassed a substantial number of medical health providers using its services – and currently supports a total of 75,000 practices, with 150,000 users. Since 2013, Kareo even acquired a medical billing software house, which meant the software could integrate with other products to tackle the clinical requirements, patient management, and medical billing side for large-scale, medium-scale, and independent small-scale facilities.

What everyone needs to know is that the software is a cloud-based platform including a number of features namely; Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management, Marketing, Patient Engagement, Telemedicine, and Billing Software. However, Kareo billing services were recently acquired by Health Prime International which means Kareo rather than doing it themselves, would be providing revenue cycle management services to its customers via their 1500+ billing partners.

The software is deployed without any hassle and overall is a quick process (within 48 hours) with zero hassle of contracts or hidden costs. Client support, customer onboarding, and module training are completely free. Kareo Engage and Kareo Analytics have been started by the vendors; it provides a complete solution that includes advanced patient management/communications and billing intelligence across a number of practices respectively during the first half of 2018.

A Guide to the Best Kareo Features

Although Kareo has a number of products you can try out for your practice, here are some of the features that Kareo EMR offers to practices all over the nation.

Updated, Real-Time Dashboard and Calendar

With the Kareo software, you can take full advantage of a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard experience, where you can log in to view your tasks for the day along with a calendar that offers various benefits.

The calendar allows you to set up your custom schedule for every user, so the administrative team doesn’t have to do the tedious work of checking in with each physician before an appointment is set with the patient. The dashboard also regularly updates the items on your agenda, a list of the tasks needed in that day to make sure all work is completed efficiently. 

Convenient Charting and Prescription Tools

Any doctor out there knows how hectic it can be to create patient notes, especially during an encounter – since it is easy to forget crucial information when the patient is available during the visit. However, with Kareo’s note-taking, you can make sure the notes you take are put into the system efficiently and quickly to reflect all relevant data.

In the same way, physician and patient time can be saved simultaneously using the e-prescription tools – your administrative team will no longer have to set up long calls between the staff and doctors and replace that communication with e-prescription setups. Not to mention, with an integrated system that provides discounts and comparisons on prescriptions, you can increase the chances that patients will fill up prescriptions and come back for further appointments. 

Intuitive Patient Portal and Secure Communication

With a patient portal built to secure information-sharing and communication with patients, Kareo helps businesses make sure their patients receive all relevant information using the right tools. The patient portal has been created to allow patients to see their medical records, including new information, along with details about billing.

Patients can log in to their portal using secure information and view their medical data at any time from any place. Additionally, doctors and other practitioners also have a secure means of communicating with their patients to keep up with relevant progress related to their health.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

To drive up workplace efficiency and productivity at your practice, Kareo EMR takes over and handles the work of managing the patients and their documentation, creating essential documents, and setting up a network of secure communication not just wkareoith the patients but with all members of the staff. Additionally, with its flowsheets, you can have an essential tool on your side – trends. Keep up with the work trends of your office and the patient trends over time in an interactive sheet so you can make informed decisions about the direction of work at the practice. 

Document Information Securely

As a practice, it is vital that you store and document your information in a secure and certified way – this will allow you to comply with Medicaid and Medicare programs while at the same time avoiding any penalties that you might incur for unlawful storage of information. The software is also ICD-10 compliant, meaning it is created in a way that will ensure you and your practice do not receive fines for non-compliance with the coding regulations under ICD-10. 

Kareo EMR Pricing and Reviews

Depending on your practice’s size, requirements, and level, Kareo has different pricing packages available. However, the starting range for most practices will be between $100 to $300 a month. However, you can opt to get a quote from the vendor for detailed information on the pricing.

Reviews from businesses using Kareo tell us that the software is easy to learn, user-friendly, and customizable. Reviews also mention the ability of the EMR to work on desktop and cloud settings as a favorable option. 

Conclusion – Is Kareo EMR Right For You?

Now that you’ve been reading through all the fantastic features that Kareo offers to practices, you may be wondering – should I take the plunge and get the software? If you’re wondering if Kareo is suitable for you, you may want to look up reviews to see how it works for other businesses like yours. Not only that, but you can also request to see a demo of the software to get an idea of how the software works in real time! No doubt, you’ll find Kareo EMR is the right software for you!

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